I'm Mindy Reznik, a graphic and production designer, living in Chicago.

I've spent my entire adult life working in print and in recent years have also moved into digital design as well. I work in advertising and marketing, with a client base that varies in size from startups to global brands. You name it and I've designed it. Being well-versed in a range of styles from casual to corporate allows me to address all jobs with an incomparable professional expertise. I've done the layout, mockup, design, production, pre-flight, plate burning, or printing.

Problem solving is one of my favorite things. Logic puzzles, creative issues, the things that seem to weirdly break in your home, you name it I want to find a way to fix it. This is where my love for production design and making things fit comes from.

I am currently available for long-term projects, short-term freelance work, and permanent professional opportunities.

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Production Design
I specialize in making things fit. From cards to catalogs to in-store displays to packaging, I excel in solving your production needs.
Identity Design
Are you just starting up? Starting over? I will help you find what you want your brand to say and deliver head-turning results.
Package Design
From creation through production, I can help you turn your product from an idea into a product you can sell to your customers.

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